About Us

20141212_200300Manna from Heaven Sandgate Inc. is a not for profit organisation operating from Sandgate Community Centre on a fortnightly basis. Manna from Heaven has been operating in Sandgate for five years so I believe this shows we have the interest of our clients at heart and we care a great deal for them. The group was operating on the foreshore in front of 4th Avenue at Sandgate until last year when we were able to come to an arrangement with the Community Centre. They have allowed us to use their premises once a fortnight to serve a meal to our “family”.

Most of our clients use the Community Centre regularly for education, crafts and board games as well as a social meeting place. We have a good ongoing relationship with the Community Centre and we work well together with the one aim to make our community a better and more caring one. The aim of Manna from Haven is to help relieve the effects of poverty, sickness, destitution, suffering, misfortune and homelessness for “at risk” groups within our Community. We wish also to hold classes in the future which could include such basics as budgeting and cooking to better equip our clients.

Our organisation acts and operates for the benefit of every “at risk person”, namely, elderly, singles, married couples, families and refugees. 50% of the people we serve are either physically or mentally disabled or live at or below the poverty level.

IMG_0335Our organisation carries on charitable activities as a Public Benevolent Institution by providing hot nutritious meals and hot and cold drinks. These are served on the night on the spot, as well as providing people with containers of food to take home. For many of these people, this is the only hot nutritious meal they get in the fortnight, as we have often heard this comment from them.

We also provide food parcels containing bread, pastries, vegetables, and frozen meals when they are available to us. We provide second hand clothes, bedding needs and some furniture to help people set up their new homes in the Community. We also try to help them find accommodation and employment through our contacts within the Community. Every Christmas we put on a massive Christmas dinner for the people and provide presents depending on our budget. We also see the Outreach as a place for many of these people to come and socialize and make new friends rather than being isolated in their homes.